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Glass Art by Alisha Volotzky


                                               ARTIST STATEMENT:

                                            Glass + Light = Magic


Since coming to this country I have work in my own glass studio producing furniture and architectural commissions for public and privet, homes and collections in Israel, Europe, Canada, and the USA. The unique technique I developed of, not just etched glass, but deep carving and painting on glass is prefect for fabricating custom tabletops from thick glass, doors, windows, room dividers and skylights. I make beautiful and strong leaded glass, stained glass and beveled glass, windows, door and room dividers.



1977-1982  Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel. Majored in Architecture and
                   Environmental Design.                                                                                                     1968-1969  Studied with Sculptor Mordechai Kafri
1965-1968  High Academy for Painting, Tel Aviv, Israel



2009  Donor Wall, Wilshire Blvd Temple, West Los Angeles, CA
1998  Donor Wall, Temple Adat Elohim, Thousand Oaks, CA
1988  Memorial Monument for the Holocaust, Kibbutz Givat Hayim, (Ihud), Israel. Half acre,                 
          concrete, steel and granite project.
1987  Memorial Monument and Memorial Ceremony Square in West Yzrael Valley. Half acre,
          concrete, steel, granite and natural limestone project.
1986  Timrat - Environmental Sculpture. Concrete, steel and granite 36’L x 5’W x 20’H.
1982  Memorial Club in Tank Bass of the Israeli Army.
1978  Memorial Monument to the Alumni of West Yzreal Valley High School, Israel. Corten steel
          50’L x 15’W x 20’H .
1968  Memorial Club at Ramat David, Israel


AWARDS AND HONORS:                                                                                                                               

2012  Niche Award Finalist: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA, "Wave Fireplace Screen"                                2011  Niche Award WINNER: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA, “House #3”
2010  Niche Award WINNER: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA, “Leo”
2010  Niche Award Finalist: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA, “House #1”
2008  Niche Award Finalist: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA, “Dancing Floor Lamp”
          Collaboration with Rhonda Kap
2004  Niche Award Finalist: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA,  “Annie’s Hair”
2003  Niche Award Finalist: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA, “Judith Doors”
2002  Niche Award Finalist: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA, “Ocean Side Screen”
2000  Niche Award Finalist: Rosen Group, Philadelphia, PA, “Surf Board Console Table”
1997  Invited to be in the White House Collection, Washington, DC,  “Fish”
1986  Independences Award: Municipal Council of West Yzrael Valley, Israel



1986  “The Independences Awards of West Yzrael Valley”, Gvat, Israel
1983  “Restoration of Ein Beda”, The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1982  “Graves”, Ramat David, Israel
1976  “Mirrors”, Gvat, Israel
1975  “Mirrors”, The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1972  “Sculptures on the Lawn”, Ramat David, Israel



2009-2010 “Sausalito Art Festival”, Sausalito, CA
1997-2009 “American Craft Council” Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
2007  “Contemporary Crafts Market”, Santa Monica Civic Center, CA
2005  “To Life”, ALSJCC, Palo Alto, CA
2004  “Festival of Jewish Artisans”, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles, CA
2003  “American Craft Council”, Baltimore, MD
1996-2003  “Contemporary Crafts Market”, Santa Monica Civic Center, CA,
 Semi-annually in June and November
2001-2002  “Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show”, Philadelphia Convention Center, PA
1996-2001  “Contemporary Crafts Market”, Fort Mason San Francisco, CA, Annually
2001  “UAHC Biennial”, Convention Center, Boston, MA
2001  “Fine Furnishing Show”, Convention Center, Providence, RI
2001  “The Art Furnishing Show”, Pasadena Convention Center, CA
2001  “Festival of Jewish Artisans”, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles, CA
2000  “The Art Furnishing Show”: Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA
1998  “Malibu Art Festival”, Malibu, CA
1996  “Diversity Makes a Difference”, MCA/Universal Studios Inc., Universal City, CA
1995  “Art for Funds Sake”, Palos Verdes Art Center, CA
1994  “Interfaith Sacred Art Show”, Calvary Community Church, Westlake, CA
1993  “Freedom”, Pauline Hirish Gallery, Jewish Federation, Los Angeles, CA
1986  “In and Out”, Haifa City Museum, Haifa, Israel
1986  “Sculpture in Nature”, Timrat, Israel
1986  “Sculpture in Urban Environment”, Givatim, Israel
1985  “Group Exhibition”, Ein Harod Art Pavilion, Ein Harod, Israel
1985  “Open Space”, Kibbutz Shfaim, Israel
1985  “Outdoor Sculpture”, Yafo, Israel
1984  “Homage to Margushelsky”, Haifa City Museum, Haifa, Israel
1980  “Tel Hai 80, International Contemporary Art Meeting”, Tel Hai, Israel
1979  “Outdoor Sculptures”, The Kibbutzim Seminar, Tel Aviv, Israel
1977  “El Arte Del Grabado en Israel”, Traveling exhibition of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, South
          America Countries. (“The Art of Printing in Israel”)
1973  “Group Exhibition”, Gallery of Israeli Artist Association, Tel Aviv, Israel
1971  “Four Artist”, The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



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1968  On They Way, Graphic Design by Alisha Volotzky, Israeli Kibbutzim Movement, Israel
1967  Beni  Memorial Book, Ramat David, Israel



1982-1983  Instructor for Morphology at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel
1974-1986  Instructor for drawing, oil painting, watercolor, and sculpture at Regional College,
                   Emek Yzrael, Israel
1984-1986  Instructor for Environmental Design Studio, and sculpture at Vizo College, Haifa,



Excerpt from a gallery exhibit review

"Alisha Volotzky, artist and architect extraordinaire, is best known for sculptured monuments throughout his native country. He has worked and taught during various periods in his career, oil painting, watercolor, sculpturing and architecture using different mediums. Alisha's works have been featured in many museum exhibits and private galleries.

Since his arrival in this country, he has set out on a personal quest to 'capture the magic of glass' in ways that have never before been attempted. Alisha has developed the unique technique of sandblasting and deep carving figures out of solid blocks of glass. He has found a way, through light and color, to give the illusion of life to his sculptures. Each piece is one of a kind."

Alisha has shown in the most prestigious furniture shows in the nation from the east to the west coast. His work is in the White House permanent collection. He is a nine time Niche' Award Finalist. Two time Niche' Award Winner.

Alisha Volotzky

Glass Artist  


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Glass Artist & Sculptor- Alisha Volotzky